Girls , what has been your experience with online dating? Meet up groups? Meet any guys that turned into something?

I want to meet slim woman that like to workout. I want to find out what's trendy with the dating scene.


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  • I really liked ok cupid but being a man on online dating can be hard. First off, don't be a hypocrite. Secondly don't get discouraged or be a jerk. Third please don't be the weird creepy guy asking for a dick pic. That is a sure way to get no response. Get involved and just be an active online friend. Be active on your profile and with pictures. Have fun!

    I met my lover on OKcupid


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  • I met my man on AsianDating and he's one of a billion kind of guy. I met jerks, douchebags, assholes just on my first week joined that site but then I found him and he makes me the luckiest woman in the world.
    Moral of the story, have a little faith in love.


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