What should I do? Made a little mistake?

I have started dating someone recently and everything was going well. my niece had my phone and she deleted him from my Facebook he thinks I done it. I readded him he didn't accept and sent him a message saying what happened. But now he hasn't spoken to me since and I think I have really pissed him off. Should I leave him for a couple of days before texting him again I don't want to look desperate. Or what should I do.


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  • NO don't leave him alone for a few days. That's a big mistake because he will actually think that you don't like him.

    • Thank you I really thought most men would like to be left alone?

    • Not really. Men don't like overly possessive girlfriends, but appreciate the company of nice sweet girlfriends. Just call him and explain instead of texting. Calling is more personal.

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  • Call him, don't message him, and tell him what the deal is. Only text him if he doesn't answer, send him a message about what went in and tell him to call you ONE time then leave it up to him. If he's so immature that neither of these do anything, A. it's time to keep looking B. he used it as an excuse to cut and run.

  • send him a link of this post! lol


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