What does this mean for guys?

Ok my bf gets hard ons quite often. Even over my sister and his sister in law. He doesn't seem to get them much over me anymore. When I ask him about it he always denies it. But they arnt hard enough to where we could have sex. Why do guys get "hard ons that arnt fully hard and go away fast?


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  • It's mean he doesn't find you attractive anymore and he got bored from you, he want new thing.

    • no it doesn't. A hard-on means nothing, especially at her age. He could just have left the later stages of puberty, which means he's coming down from the testosterone high guys go through during that time. This also results in fewer random boners. Plus you over time learn to manage them!
      It does NOT mean he's not interrested in her anymore! You can't measure love with boners. Boners is only about physical attraction. There's more to love than just the desire for sex (you should know)...

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    • @ManThatKnewTooMuch so go write to your self and don't keep writing to me Okay

    • Your teddy bear icon was so cute I couldn't resist, but ok