Why would he accept me reading him on fb and Instagram if he was so scared I was gonna talk to him? Guys?

Long story short me and my ex broke up he dumped me but it was my fuAlt he dumped me. Anyways we haven't spoken in 4 months and I changed dramatically Cuz it was a reality check. I got drunk one night and readied him on fb and ig at like 4 am in the morning. Okay so when we were together he was like always online and now it seems like he made himself offline. I don't understand? Like maybe he's scared I'll talk to him and I can understand why he would think that but why would he add me if he was so scared I was gonna message him? Also guys what would be going through you're brain if a girl did this? Please help!!! thanks

  • He think you want him back and he's not ready for that
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  • He thinks you want him back and he feels sorry for yu
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  • He doesn't think you I want him back he just feels weird seeing yu online
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  • He still thinks you miss and and thinks you should move on already
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  • Other
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  • there really isn't anything that is a big deal about a friend request. and about him going offline, it could just be bcause he is done with being on fb. as far as readding him, he could think that you still want to be friends.