Has being used as a rebound ever put you in the position of being the rebounder with the next person you dated?

Anyone who's been used as a rebound knows it's a shitty position to be in. That being said, did you feel like you were on the rebound with the next person you dated because you were still hung up on the person who used you as a rebound?

I personally felt like I was because 3 months after the rebounder ditched me, I started seeing another girl. While it took my mind off the rebounder a little bit, I had no feelings for the girl I was seeing at the time. I guess it took me a lot longer to get over the rebounder than most people because I had never been in a serious relationship or had an official gf. I've only had hookups and flings.

The rebounder came on strong and that caused me to get attached. We had so much in common and she was the most attractive girl I've been with. I knew she was newly single but I didn't know what a rebound was so I didn't think much of he'd complaining about the ex at the time. The worst part is, I've seen plenty of girls since her but the rebounder is always in the back of my mind because she was the covers on that was the closest to being in a relationship with. The fact that she's dating the ex she complained about again makes it worse. I guess she's been dating this guy on and off for 5 years. I'm pretty sure she's damaged goods.


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  • Yeah. It's a terrible cycle.

    • Yeah it is. Fortunately the girl I was seeing after the rebounder ended because of the distance. I never told her anything about the rebounder or that I wasn't over it. The thing is when we saw each other 2 months after our first date, the girl told me she was glad i kept in touch because she was worried I was gonna see other people. I had no issue with her at all but my feelings weren't there because the rebounder left an imprint. I'd hate to do what the rebounder did to me.

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    • I'm sure you're great relationship material! and remember this won't last forever. I've always felt that everyone has someone that they're meant to be with. And with that said, everything happens for a reason. You'll find someone better.

    • What helped me was deleting or getting rid of everything and anything that reminded me of him, and this may sound cruel, but pointing out what you didn't like about her is important. And keep in mind that there are and will be plenty of girls who find you attractive. You just probably haven't noticed yet.

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