He invited me to hang out, then I asked him what the plan was, and he hasn't responded?

i started talking to this guy i met online, and we briefly met up Friday night, and today he was texting me. he asked me what i'm doing later, then told me "you're welcome to come join me for football and beer later if you want" to which i replied "sure. what's your plan?" that was two hours ago and I haven't heard back from him. should i just leave it alone? what's his deal?


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  • you might not like his plan
    he even had one
    Seems you like details, a plan prior to committing travel/time to what may be a waste
    Seems like he's a guy who allows TV/sports/others control his day, so knows not how to make plans
    Seems like NOT a match to me but if you what to pursue this out of curiosity, then your response THEN, NEXT TIME and even today if not too late would be
    "OK, what time?"
    Then swing by to try it out... with an escape plan if it stinks or boring


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