A week ago I was awesome and he was into me, last night he tells me he's seeing someone else?

I was really into this guy... I noticed I'd started hearing from him less and less so a week ago I wrote him and gave him an out. I said if he wasn't interested then he should let me know... something like that. He said he thought I was awesome and that we'd for sure get together the next week. I texted him last night to see what he was up to and he told me he'd found someone else! How does that just happen like that?


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  • He wasn't "the one" move on to another fish!

    • Agreed! I think he was actually just kind of trying to get sex? I don't know. It was so fuzzy. I just always got the vibe he just wanted sex... but even when I said I didn't want to yet he said he was okay not doing it yet... but the next night he'd ask again if I wanted to... He was okay w/ sex before the first date! He suggested he come over for a cuddle session... I don't know. He claims he really liked me, but I'm not so sure. He just stopped texting me one day.. after his 3rd attempt at sex.

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  • about a week ago (week ago) sorry had to\

    maybe yiu waited to long

    • I don't think so... he said he was sorry and he didn't realize I was waiting. Not sure how that makes sense... since he said we'd for sure get a drink

    • maybe he had 2 options you her and he chose her

    • still... not cool :(

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