GIRLS: what if you are that girl?

I saw a girl she's working in mall but she even didn't saw me because so many pepole but I really liked her so my plan I go and tell her
Hi how are you after that I will say I can't make stories or make drama so what u will hear is directly from my heart when I saw you my heart beat fast and the world become wonderful everything become beautiful don know if you are real or dream my princess would u give me chance to be in your life?
That what I want to say when saw her but she was too busy
is that will work? In fact I can't lie or make drama and this is my new way
If are that girl what would you feel and answer


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  • Some would feel flattered. Some would think it's too much.


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  • your grammar makes it hard to comprehend what you mean. . .

  • I do not understand your English


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