I've asked this girl to hang out and kind of got rejected but not really. What should I do next?

I am in college and just got out of a 5 year relationship a few months back so I'm trying to feel out the dating life again. I'm a little slow/awkward with girls now because I'm having to remember what it was like being single so I need some advice.

There's this new girl at work that I kind of like. I know that's not a smart idea but we've never actually worked together, just seen her in passing. Our schedules are totally opposite, we are just employed by the same company essentially. Anyway, I asked her to study with me one day and got the "I'm busy later, maybe another time" response. So I waited a few days and asked her to lunch and got a definite "yes, I'd love to" but I had to cancel because I totally forgot I had friends coming in to town from a few hours away and couldn't leave them hanging. I know two times is the bench mark and asking three times is a full-on creeper but I felt like I should, so I asked again and she told me she'd be going home that weekend, so that was also a "no."

Anyway, I am stuck in a weird spot. I got a definite yes and she seemed really excited about it and then I got two "No's." Should I just forget about it all together or risk being that SUPER creepy guy at work that can't take an obvious hint and ask one last time. My head is telling me "hell no, don't ask, idiot" but obviously I'm still slightly torn. Thanks for the help guys.


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  • You should just kind of do your own thing for a couple weeks. Say hey if you see her but keep the chitchat short and don't text her first. If she texts, then reply with short answers. She'll wonder why you're acting diff and I guarantee if she has any interest in you, she won't be able to stop thinking about you...

  • Try to move on and not talk to her for a few weeks


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