What will you do if the one ur dating is too similar to your crush of many years?

I've been seeing a guy for few months. We are not in a serious bf gf relationship, but we see each other and text each other very often.

At the beginning, I thought he really look like a person that I've been crushing for years (in the end he rejected me) he is very similar to that person in too many ways. Everytime I saw him, I felt like I'm seeing my crush, it's like I finally start dating him.

Recently, I feel he's getting more serious, like he would "get hurt" because he thought I don't care about him or I ignore him. He took me to see his family and friends and would hold my hand and kiss me in front of them. He asked me few times about what I want from him. I always said I'm not sure yet. I tried to think of him not as my crush, just himself. But when I dId I would suddenly lose interest and feel its so meaningless. I guess I'm still in love with my crush. I know this is very unfair and mean. I'll be devastated if a guy I'm dating think of me in that way. I do care about him as a friend and I don't want to hurt him. And it's not like I don't like him at all, I like being with him because it's always fun. But I found myself have to fake liking him in a romantic way when we are hanging out. If he's not serious about us I think we can be like this for a long time until one of us find someone else.

What should I do? And what should I say if he wants it to be exclusive, if I don't want to lose him?


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  • it's unfair to hide this from him, and telling is the only way you can overcome these latent feelings for the former guy.

    IF you CAN overcome those feelings; there's no guarantee. But having this out in the happen and discussing it BEFORE he senses something wrong, will be the only hope for moving forward as a couple.


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