Is she really interested or letting me down easy as a friend?

so there's this girl (shes 18) at work whos number I got to hang out with. after our busy work schedule week we got to hang out and go bowling for a few hours and had fun on Saturday night. when I dropped her off at home I told her we should hang out again sometime soon but make it a date. she kinda paused for a second to think and said sure. I tried to call her today and here's how our conversation played out.

Me: Tried calling to see when you're free next, hope you're no still at work haha.

Her: Well im not at work anymore but im visiting with my sister. literally working all week plus her baby might come tomorrow or the next day and so im booked all week.

Me: yeah, she's overdue by a few days isn't she? and np problem as long as you still want to then maybe next week, because you did sound unsure about it when I asked.

Her: well I do want to hangout and what not, but I knew this week was a no go, but yeah she's overdue like 6 days now.

I told her that's not a problem, but she doesn't work all week, she has Tuesday and Wednesday off and we both have Tuesday off. I understand people can be busy but her saying "hang out and what not" when I specified a date last night really threw me in the wrong direction too I think. she also did even have her work schedule until today so im not too sure how she "hesitated" last night because she knew this week was a no go. I know that stuff because we work together.

Thank you for your answers!
im trying to give her the benefit but I think we all know how most young girls can be with their seriously indirect no's. Its just happened to me soo many times before and I can't stand it. I really just wish people could say no if its a no. now when it comes to these things I get so insecure...

we text on a regular basis although she takes like 20-40 minutes to text back a lot and I initiate the conversations all the time. Still says good night back to me with a smiley, keeps conversations going and stuff like that


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  • she probably hesitated because she didn't want to decline a date after saying yes because she is busy. it would make you think she wasn't interested in you

    • Im sort of confused as to what you mean. Do you mean she wanted to say yes but knew she was busy or didn't want to say no but she isn't interested

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    • Cool, thanks for clearing that up for me. One more thing though, im always the one initiating our texting conversations out of work. Do you think thats odd? She can take a while to text back sometimes but she still says good night back, uses smiley faces, etc...

    • naw, some people can't start conversations to save their life (my boyfriend is one of them).

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  • Maybe try asking her again next week when she's supposed to be free but specify it as a date again. I've been too busy to go out before and just cause she isn't working doesn't mean she doesn't have other plans already that you aren't aware of. If she calls it a hang out again after you've specified it as a date for the second time, yeah she's just trying to let you down nicely

  • I don't think she's really interested I mean like they say if a guy really like a girl he will show it, if a girl really like you she will never let you go! But maybe you become closer in the future never lose hope :)


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