He wants normal girls? URGENT!!?

I am friends with a guy who i an actor. he's a minor celeb because he's a television actor.

He is single. But he lied in public about his relationship status. Said he was in a committed relationship for 2 years.

He told us that he was fed up of girls annoying him , calling him, so lied to keep them at a distance.

Well, after he told his lies, he was asked if his partner is from the entertainment industry or not, to which he replied that she's not from the media industry.

So does that mean he does not want a wife or girlfriend from the industry?

He is friends with some actresses but he mostly keeps very professional relationship with actresses who work with him or opposite him.

He has worked with many hot and beautiful women but keeps professional contact with them.

Not much talking or friendship.

Even if the lady is super glamorous.

But when he went to a different country to promote his show, the hosts and presenters were showering him with affection and he was thoroughly enjoying it and flirting, hugging, acting suave as well.

He did not go beyond that. Just flirted and acted smooth and charming with the ladies.

So what is this? With the actresses he's either just friends or just a co actor (even if they admire him or like him, he does not respond) but when other women shower him with affection and attention, he loves it and flirts back.

But at the same time, he is serious person who is quiet and does not talk much.

So according to his statement about his partner not being from the industry, does it mean he does not want an actress as a wife or gf?


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  • He probably thinks actors are too high maintenance, likely to cheat, spoiled and entitled brats, and not as interested in him since they can find somebody equally high status and equally famous.

    Furthermore - you don't deserve an answer your question. Stop stalking him.

    One of our professors was almost murdered this year by a crazy math student who was stalking him online and harassing him and you are even worse than her!!!