Not sure if he likes me or not?

My crush helped me move last weekend. He was over from early Sat morn till late Sunday nothing happened but he offered to help me cook for my house warming. The following weekend. He then offered to help service my car which he did. While he was servicing it he said that he could come over to my place on the Friday eve already. The house warming is on the sat so I said that sounds great. Then he asked me what I was doing that night and said that he wanted to watch the rugby but that he had a lot of work to do so he wasn't sure if he would finish in time but he would let me know if he does then we can make plans. Later he showed me the house where he grew up and then I dropped him off and gave him a packet of biltong to say thanks for helping out with my car. He gave me a hug and a kiss and seemed elated. later I told him that we could bbq at my place and watch rugby and he said it sounded cool but he had to finish the work. I replied and said cool. He never let me know. That night my phone was acting up so I wanted to write down some telephone numbers incase it died. His was one but while I was busy my mom distracted me and I dialed his no by accident. I sent him a text saying sorry phoned dialed randomly (which it did) enjoy your eve and got no response. He had asked me to let him know how my car felt after the service so 24 hours after my last text I sent him a whatsapp saying that the car is lighter on fuel than it's ever been since I had it. All I got was a thumbs up sign. Not sure where to from here?

I've known him for years but lost contact for about 5 years so I can't tell if his behaviour is normal. The house that he grew up in seems quite significant as he wasn't happy there and when we 1st saw each other a little while ago he wanted to go overseas now he's made a point of telling me he's staying and he's going to build up his business.


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  • Thats pretty confusing, I would try inviting him over for dinner, if he doesn't respond or says no, I would take it to mean that he just wants to be friends or is playing games.

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