I need help impressing my boyfriend?

Do, this may come off a little weird but my anniversary is coming up with my bf and I want to rock his world that night. Here's the catch: he has a "lift and carry fetish" which is where he likes it when I carry him around. I found out not too long ago, and I don't mind at all, I just don't know how to make it sexy. I need some advice on how to make him real happy and incorporate the lift and carry. I'm plenty strong enough to carry him for a little while so that's not a problem. Any help is much appreciated! :)


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  • Sexy would be a heated swimming pool date
    your low cut bikini would be sexy
    and lifting him in water is an easier load that can last longer (& it typically seen with lovers)
    + ability to position his face @ cleavage

    • Wow that is a good idea! What ways do you think I should carry him?

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    • Oh wow yes let me know and thank you for all the help!

    • Teaspoons (remember you're the guy in these illustrations, lifting him in positions) could have sexual sensations just from your breasts rubbing into his back, but if you can get a hand free - you could rub his "suit" front under the water, while his hands could roam to find some of your interesting assets... https://www.sexinfo101.com/teaspoons.shtml

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  • Sounds pretty fucking queer to me. I say dump the homo.

    • Well that's just rude. Maybe you need s girl to manhandle you a little

  • Give him a piggyback ride to the bedroom!


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