Does he care about me beyond friendship or is he just a caring person in general?

A male buddy of mine that reconnected with me after all these years is always very attentive towards me... he always asks me if I'm ok or if I'm having fun anytime we chill... he has also intorduced me to all of his closest friends that he hangs out with all the time... also let me in on a secret that he doesn't tell to just anybody...

Does he care about me beyond friendship? Or is he just a caring person in general?

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He is a friendly dude in general and likes to help others


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  • It sounds like he's just friends. I don't get the feeling that its any bigger. Not yet anyway. Any more info I need, to give a better opinion?

    • Well when we were kids we barely spoke and he wrote to me that I'm beautiful on one of my social network staus and I found it to be. Very random how he wanted to see me after all these years lol.

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    • What do uthink its more towards? (He did write to me that I'm beautiful)

    • He can still call you beautiful when he's friends. But from the more I've heard it's certainly a possibility that he likes you or about to start wanting you, so tipping to liking you side. But don't assume this is correct. Don't take it all from me im only 16 and haven't learnt much through personal experience. Check others opinions, but that's mine. I hope this helps

  • I think you're his dream girl but he might feel trapped in the friend zone.


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