Walk up to him and ....

I've been thinking about walking up to this boy and kissing him but I don't know if it's a good idea.if you think I should just do it ,then please comment and take a poll.oh! and he doesn't have a girlfriend.

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  • i don't think you should do it if you don't know him that well, if your good friends with him do it. But if he's just some one you see every day and don't really talk to he's going to have no idea what's going on when you do it and probably just get weird out and could think one of his friends put you up to it or your crazy not that I'm saying that your crazy or any thing, but if some girl came up to me and kissed me that's what I would be thinking . I'm guessing that you like the guy and if you think he likes you back your probably going to embarrass him which might push him away or it could be the best thing that happened to him and you start to date I don't know never met the guy.But if you don't care about what he's going to say or do after it just do it then you only live once right


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