Hi to all my gag under 18 fellows I need ur HELP?

Dude's and gals hi
I need help I am not good with talking to guy's at all never have actually talked to one except on gag can u give tips or help. please please please please:)
Thank you in advance

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  • Be yourself. Be comfortable there's nothing to worry about we are not going to bite. Just talk casually and follow the conversation but don't allow it to be too boyish if you're in the group. Simple!

    • How can I be comfortable
      To shy and scared of guy's :(

    • Go with friends. Then you'll be comfortable around your friends and feel comfortable around guys for this reason. Eventually it won't be so bad and this will feeling will wear off!

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  • Guys could be just as scared to talk to you.

  • If you're attractive guys will probably be more scared of you other than that act natural start with simple interactions in a group if you can talk to anyone not just guy just pick anyone and strike up a conversation good luck x

  • u sure u never talked to a guy!

    your welcome... end of comments!!!

    • Yeah I haven't
      Never TALKED to a guy in person I've told u that

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  • By asking for opinions from one specific group of people (only men, only women, or in your case only a certain age group) you are limiting yourself to possible answers and good advice. Just food for thought.

    To answer your question, even though you didn't ask for it from me rofl, be confident in yourself. People put too much thought into this. Someone you like is just another human with flaws like everyone else. Don't put them up on some pedestal.
    If for some reason it doesn't work out the way you wanted, remember there are thousands upon thousands of guys you could meet in this world.

    That is what dating is, finding who you care compatible with and learning more about yourself, what you do and don't like in a relationship. Take the initiative and stop giving yourself excuses not to.
    Start conversation, get to know their likes and dislikes, ask them to do something sometime.

    • Actually I just wrote that for more people to read out of curiosity and... etc
      Thsnk u :)

  • If you know a guy for about 2 or 3 years you could like tease him or something.. and you could try asking about things.. you don't know or about things you do but you just want to start a conversation.
    You can also try to start talking with boys that are more friendly and that you don't like them so you could be more yourself.
    Now, if you like someone and you can not talk to them.. you could try speaking to his friends.. and slowly if he sees that u speak with his friend and he likes you even a little he will get a bit jealous and he would also come and see what ur talking about and take place in the conversation.
    But the most important is trying to be yourself and a happy person to talk with and guys will be open with you to chat.
    (Sorry for any mistakes, my English suck:p)

    • I have NEVER talked to a guy after 5 grade
      I'm hopeless I'm in 10 now

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    • Wow... good idea :)

    • Happy I could help^_^