First date. Success or disaster?

So here's where I'm at. Met a girl, with whom I have a lot in common. I plucked up the courage and asked her out on a date. Before hand we talked constantly, daily and got on really well. Similarly, our date lunch followed by hot chocolates at a small french cafe, seemd to go really well too. Plenty of laughing and generally mutually enjoyable.

Why then has she not replied/or spoken to me since? I sent a short message late that evening, to say I hoped the uni coursework was going ok, and also just to say It was really nice to have met her.

Where/what did I go/do wrong?

Any help appreciated :)

Thanks! Our date was Sunday from 1pm until 6pm. I text her at 11pm? not wanting to appear too keen etc? I've literally just sent a second mesage 10mins ago. I didn't do anything yesterday, to give her some time/space.

I just feel like I have personally done something.. wrong.. Been out of the game a while and forgot how much of an emotional rollercoaster it can be :/
Sorry. It was Saturday, not Sunday.:)


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  • How long has it been since the date and how long since you last texted her? She could just be busy or she's trying to decide how she feels about you. Sometimes you don't know how you feel about a person until you've spent time together. You could have gotten along incredibly well through the phone, but the in person time is what matters.


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  • Too early to tell; although, if you don't get a text back within today, that's not a good sign.

    Do yourself a favor: don't get attached too quickly. Easier said than done, I know.

    But I'm doing the same with a girl I don't think I can trust.

    • Your probably right! Patience and time are two stressful things. I just feel naive in thinking people would just be tell me? If there's no connection, I'm fine with that! I just don't do games though, why mess someone about?

    • Again, try not to get your feelings involved too early or you get fucked.

      Good luck, brotha!!

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