He's really good a kissing, except when he gets really into it?

My current boy toy is really good at kissing and I love it. Except when he gets really into it he opens his mouth so wide he covers both of my lips (and my mouth is already open?). It's an awkward moment that takes a minute to recover from. I really don't know how to fix it without being rude or implying he is bad at it, because really he is not. Oh awkwardness.


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  • When he is asleep give him a paper cut on either side of his mouth in the corners between top and bottom lips. He will be incapable of opening to wide for fear of the cut opening up again and kissing fir the next week will be heaven. Tell him he got the cuts from. opening too wide when kissing so he must keep it only partially open in future. :-P =-O mmmmwwwwaaaaa


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  • I wouldn't tell him he's bad at it but tell him its uncomfortable to you when he does it

  • Goddamn... he is devouring you like the proverbial fat lady eating a cheesecake after a famine! Has he gotten down below yet? Woooweeee, when he hits your pearl down there.

    Just tell him nicely. Tell him he is devouring you a le too much.


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