Asking a girl out the same day her ex did?

Long story short, a girl I like became official with her ex boyfriend on November 16, 2012 (at least that’s what their Facebook anniversary was). In November 2013, he dumped her (not sure the exact date).

Me and girl started talking a few months ago, and I’ve been working up the courage the past couple weeks to officially tell her I like her and have the whole “exclusive talk.” The only day we ever can physically see each other is on Sundays, due to our busy work/school schedules. Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to see me the past 2 Sundays due to plans with her family, which sucks for me because I was going to have that talk with her.

After she cancelled on me yesterday, I figured we could just have the talk this coming Sunday. However, I just looked at my calendar and saw this Sunday is November 16, 2014 (exactly 2 years since her and her ex-boyfriend became official).

So should I keep delaying this? Is us becoming official the same day her and her previous boyfriend did a big deal? It really doesn’t matter to me, but I don’t wanna make it awkward/emotional for her

Also, I really like this girl, and I don’t wanna wait any longer to tell her that since we’ve been talking for over 3 months now. I want to tell her how much I like her in person, I don’t wanna do it over text or a phone call.

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  • go ahead and do it. you can't help that its on the same day and you've waited this long already


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  • Just do it already! Who cars what date it happens to fall on?


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