Christmas gift that will be approperate for only dating 1 month?

At Christmas we will have been together for a year. He really likes music and he tells me all the instruments he has played or currently plays. Now I saw his base in his room and he said he would play it but its broken. i can't quite remember what he said was wrong with it. i think he said fret board or something like that. Anyway he mentioned he would like to be able to play it again so... how do i go about this... bc if i try to take it and get it fixed he will know it is missing and freak out but then again they could look at it and tell me how much it would actually cost to fix. i dont want him to bring it down with me because then it won't be a surprise but like i said i dont remember whats wrong with it and i think that would be a nice gift for being together 1 month by then. So how do i go about this so i can get it fixed for him or at least get the correct amount of money so at Christmas i can give it to him in the form of a gift card to go get it fixed or is all this a stupid idea?

sorry i meant to write month


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  • Take pictures of it from several angles and distances. If there is major structural damage they will be able to tell at the shop. If it is indeed the fretboard they'd be able to tell from photos. They could give you an estimate and you could get him a gift certificate (if they do those) or just a handwritten IOU for the repair.

    • And FYI, you're probably looking at at least $100 to get it fixed. Depending on what's wrong, it could be several hundred.

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  • Wait in the begininng you said a year but in the question and at the year you said a month. Which is it?