Just got out of a bad relationship, immediately finding myself in a new one. Is this bad?

so i broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago. between then and now i made friends with a new guy and have been spending a lot of time with him. the new guy is so sweet and has already told me he likes me. we've only gone as far as hugging because he knows I'm still in shellshock from the breakup last week and doesn't want to push me.
he is so sweet. when he first found out i was recently single he showed up at my house with ben and jerry's in hand ready to talk it out. he is so amazing and i really think i like him. not just because i feel sad, but because he is actually so nice, already has a lot in common with me, and likes spending time with me.
is it too early to move onto someone new? even if we are going very slow?


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  • its still very early, i recommend waiting a little till you get the old out of your system, before moving on to the new or else it will cross at some point, and you don't want that. there are other things but thats the first step.


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