Confused about this guy who came down to visit me. Need advice?

This guy I was seeing moved away, he told me before he left that if he was staying here he'd want me to be his girlfriend. He came down to visit some fam for a couple of weeks and stayed with me for a week before leaving again to another city with family. During his stay he was super affectionate, made me breakfast and dinner and acted like my boyfriend. Going out and doing things. He mentioned his new job is not going well and he might decide to move back here. Each time I brought it up it seemed like he didn't have a definitive plan. Before leaving he said he was coming back in two weeks and wanted to know if he could stay with me again. Before he left he asked a lot of questions about my dating life and even asked to read my texts and wanted to know if I was seeing someone else. I didn't want to answer because we are not official. Now its been three days and I haven't heard from him. he's coming back in two weeks but I'm confused. Is it weird that he's not telling me his life plan (whether he is moving or not) I know he says he doesn't have a plan, but he also hasn't mentioned what we would be if he came back. I'm just confused because he shows a lot of signs he cares like being jealous, but is also somewhat distant and doesn't text me while he is away. I don't want to be getting played.


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  • Sounds like he was laying a foundation last time. Next time he comes around, he's going to want to do a little something. you aren't getting played, you were being played from the start. You are available, thats it. he didn't define anything but is laying foundation? thats totally my move. Im willing to bet that if he does contact you, and he will, when its time to come your way, it will be like two or three days before and he will initiate a sexual act. I want to bet.

    • Sorry I don't understand? Laying a foundation from the beginning? Can you expand on that?

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    • If i say yes, I'm only confirming what I would do, not what he has got going on...

    • thanks for the vote!! lol.. didn't expect it.

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  • You are not official, he isn't clarifying anything to you, he had the cheek to read your messages... really wtf are you doing? Your making yourself look like you are desperate forhis attention... someone who cares even a little for you would never invade your privacy in such a way, just because he is nice and fills his time with your company when he is around does not give him the right to intrude on your personal life. He is not jealous that is the action of someone who is pocessive and controlling and you are allowing it. Put a stop to it tell him he either gives you trust and respects your privacy or not to come around, you don't need a man in your life who acts this way!!!

    • I did not let him read my msgs actually. I also thought It was weird.

    • Trust me he is making sure you are not with anyone so when he is around you will spend your time with him and making out he has interest in you, so when he isn't around he knows that you will be waiting on him coming to see you again and you not hearing from him when he is away, he is using you for his own personal needs nothing else, because if he cared he would want to know every detail about what you have been doing when he isn't there and want to hear your voice everynight before he sleeps and text you every morning when he wakes as he would be looking forward to seeing you again