Can My ex and I get back together?

My ex and I broke up because I was unhappy and he felt I didn't trust him. I initiated the break up then regretted it the next daying telling him "I love you and Im sorry". We didn't speak for three days until he called me to tell me "I think we should break up". His reasons "You dont trust me (we can work on this) and your moving away in 6 years" I felt his reasons for breaking up were stupid and he didn't it because he was mad at me hints why he didn't answer none of my calls for the past 3 days. After breaking up with me he says "I love you" I say "I love you too" which is odd if were breaking up.

2 weeks later we talk almost everyday (he initiates). Which is bad if were broken up. How are we moving on?

So I told him "I love you and we should work it out"
He said "I dont think its a good idea"
I said " Alright"(I should have asked why but I was just confused and mad so I left it at that)

I didn't contact him for 5 days. He texts me "Hey Beautiful"
I didn't respond.
A few days later I tell him I think its best were no longer friends.
he's not to happy about this and tells me "Im just fine with being friends"(That hurt)
He said "So your sweeping me under the rug"
I said think of it as I love you too much to be friends with you"
He said"So You need time?"
I said "Sure"
He said "Just dont ever not speak to me"

I see no point in us being friends if were both trying to move on. Plus I dont want my ex in the picture as I am starting to date again.


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  • Depends he's your ex for a reason but its your choice


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  • oh look you already wrote a song about it. all you gotta do now is become a recording artist... oh wait... taylor swift already nicked that idea. :"(


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  • It sounds like you are both trying to push one another aside, but both of you are very hurt and in some way miss one another. I would give it a little time, don't contact him, reflect on what went wrong and why you broke up and attempt to start a brand new healthy relationship with him, if that's what you wish.

  • why were you unhappy in the first place? why he felt you didn't trust him? something must have happened..

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