He hates me doesn't he?

So this guy I've been seeing for about 5 months now went on a trip for work around Friday evening. The night before we had gotten into a little argument that I didn't think was that serious.

Were not officially a couple, but the night before he left he was stressing about work, school friends and family and I tried my best to be there for him.

However the next day he text me saying, "its good to have a friend" I took it the complete wrong way (that I know now) and told him that that comment hurt because I didn't think he still saw me as a friend, its been 6 months!!!

Anyways, He hasn't called, text me since that nigh, he left me a long paragraph text message the night before he left and I really haven't heard from him since.

Im going crazy, I don't know if he's just busy with work or truly ignoring me. what should i do?


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  • This guy is my hero.

    • mate really so not helpful if you ain't going to help leave

    • he's probs just thinking things through or doesn't have the time just hang in there love or try and talk to him but dont try too much if you catch me drift

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