Should I say something to him?

So this guy and I met at the end of summer, we like each other a lot, but the timing wasn't right because he had to go back to school hours away so we agreed to stay in touch and just leave the door open.

On Saturday night he said he was home for Veterans Day weekend, I assumed that he wouldn't have told me he's home unless he wanted me to know and wanted to see me. But as we were texting he wasn't saying he wanted to hangout. So I did something I don't usually do and said he should come see me. He then says he wanted me to come to his house right then, (past midnight) since we live in the same neighborhood but I declined because I was about to fall asleep. So he asked about the next day, and I told him I'd be free the whole three days he's here. He said goodnight with a little kissing emoji and texted me the next morning and we just texted back and forth for a while but again, he wasn't saying when he wanted to hangout or see me. Eventually I stopped replying because his replies were short and conversation stoppers. I haven't heard from him since.
Tomorrow is his last day and I'm debating on whether or not to text him or call him asking whether or not we're getting together. I keep wondering if maybe he's not interested anymore, which is fine, but then I wonder why he would tell me he's home? You'd think if he didn't want to see me he wouldn't tell me he's home, because I had no idea he was coming back. So he could have come and gone without me knowing.
Also, he's on the shy side I guess. But so am I.


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  • Give up. He's not into you.

    • Yeah that's what I think too. But why do you think he says that he does? (I'm not sleeping with him btw) haha

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