I miss him we got in an argument about where the relationship was going now all of a sudden we're not talking?

I told him I needed to figure my own shit out and that I didn't want to talk right now, but he did quite the bang up job of avoiding any kind of conversation that could improve our relationship is (or whatever it is at this point) I know he cares about me, I know he really likes me, but our relationship us stuck in the rut where it either improves or it self destructs. I don't want it to self destruct, I want to hep it grow. my friends root for this relationship because they see how happy we can make each other, and how happy we are around each other. it's damn near harmonious. but he seems like a scared little boy who runs from problems, and I know that not who he really is, I've known him too long to know that he doesn't have a set of balls when it comes to talking about whats real. however, we're not talking right now. I want to let the dust settle, I know we both want to be together in some capacity, but when we tried to do it casually like a year ago in ended terribly because of his jealousy issues. I'm willing to take it even just a little further to avoid problems like that, but I haven't even had a chance to voice that to him and I don't know how much space I should be giving him either. it's been a week. in the past he has contacted be instead before I even had to.

  • give him some more time, he obviously wants to be with you in some capacity
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we've been on and off for some time now, but I know nothing will work in less we can fix what's gone wrong in the past
I know some of you have been in similar places?


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  • I have the same sort of relationship with me ex. Try to move on. If he isn't trying to deal with his issues and work on your relationship instead of walk away then he isn't worth it. You can't wait around for him change (he may not want to) and if he isn't talking to you then don't hold out for him. He obviously got some emotional issues to deal with and if the relationship in on and off then it isn't healthy. I'm sure he would know how you feel but it sounds like he has no interest in making a relationship work so you're only wasting your own time. I know it sounds harsh but it's the best thing for you. You can't force him to want to work it out with you.

    • I know that, but I am the one who told him I do not want to talk right now, so it's not necessarily him not trying right now, it's me trying to give him some space and time to think about it, and for me to try to access whether I want to be with some one so unsure of themselves.

    • I mean it's just that I don' think that he's not being enough into me is the issue, I think it's issues in his life he;s not talking to me about and the bad stuff from his last long term relationship

    • So it's his issues and he will decide to deal with them or not but based on your history you aren't able to have a healthy and consistent relationship. So how much time do you want to waste hoping he was different instead of focusing on moving on and making yourself availabe to someone who is ready for a serious and mature relationship.

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