If a girl likes a Facebook picture of a guy alone with another girl, is it safe to assume she doesn't like him?

I'm planning on asking out a girl from my college calculus class tomorrow, but I've had second guesses about doing it for a while because she seems to like or favorite almost every single social media post of this one guy from her dorm hall. I figured I didn't want to ask her out if I wasn't completely sure that they didn't have something going on or that she didn't like him. Well yesterday he posted a picture on Facebook of him with a girl back home that he went to visit a few weeks back, and this girl liked it. I'm now under the assumption that she wouldn't have liked a picture of him with another girl if she liked him, so I'm thinking I'm in the clear for tomorrow. Does this sound reasonable? Or should I forget about asking her out yet?


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  • I'd go for it if I were you. If she is close friends with the guy, it doesn't really mean anything, I like my friends pictures whether they are horrible or not, just because they are my friends

  • I think it's pretty much safe :)


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