Why did things change after our one year anniversary? ?

My bf and I had our 1 year anniversary in august. Ever since then the sex has decreased. He doesn't seem as loving. Why is this? We have been living together our whole relationship basically. I moved him with him as he has asked me to. I've asked him if he wants me to move out or take a break. He always says no. He has told me he wants to be with me forever but he also told his ex that to. He broke up with her cuz she cheated on him. He says the reason we don't have sex much is because he's tired and cuz i fight with him. We fight a lot due to my trust issues. Mainly from past relationships. But he never likes to talk about anything to make our relationship better and can be immature about it.


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  • The problem is in your head and you better get control of it. You appear to be ruled by your emotions and insecurities and that's spilling into your relationship with your man. If you don't control it, your going to mess up a good thing.

    Stop fighting over the past relationships. Whatever happened happened. You can't change it and neither can he. It's a waste of breath. It just bringd unnecessary tenssion in the relationship which will in turn drive you further apart. That will in turn bring additional fights. It becomes a vicious cycle.


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  • Old adage: When 1st married, put a quarter in a large jar everytime you "do it"
    after one year, take a quarter out of that jar everytime... in many marriages, that jar will always contain quarters!
    Actually if true for many does not have to be true for you (nor was it for us) if you don't allow life/work/kids/family to interfere with daily exercise and mutual togetherness activities... or combine these into dancing.


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  • This happened to me 4 years ago. Almost two weeks after our 2nd anniversary he broke up with me. To make a long story short, things like this happen and he might not give you the answer that you're looking for. Now, I'm not saying that he's breaking up with you but if you see signs of distance then you might want to reconsider your living arrangements.

    • Well you would think he would want to take a break or for me to move out yah know? It's just sometimes confusing :/

  • Perhaps the relationship has moved to a more mature level where its not just about sex.

    • Is thay common to happen after a year?

    • Its more than common. My ex and I were together for a very long time. I also noticed this behavior after a year... so I asked him what was going on and he told me what I'm telling you... sometimes a simple hug is enough.

    • That makes me feel better :) thanks for commenting!!!