Hanging out with a girl who has Boyfriend?

I met a girl last week at a meetup event. Is there anything wrong with texting her and hanging out? She does have a BF and he does work at my company. I'm not looking for anything but I don't want to make it awkward. What are your thoughts here? I moved to a new town and do not know many others so as many as I can meet is better. Girls especially as friends.


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  • Well, it's fine but don't mention her name much in front of him, or he'll think there's something weird going on, and also don't go anywhere where he might think that she's cheating on him (like the beach or a fancy restaurant), or you'll get her and yourself into a lot of trouble. (You don't want that :)) good luck :)


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  • If you came to this site asking this then yes... Would you be cool if some new guy wants to hang with your gf?

    • I understand what you are saying.. so that means any girl with a boyfriend you cannot hang out? It must be in a group setting?

    • Just listen to the Biz Markie song lol. I don't set the rules but I'm a realist. What will be the point in hanging out with a girl who has a bf when you could be using that time to hang with someone who is single and can give you the same attention?

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