How big of factor is money?

How much does money matter to you in a relationship? Do you only date people with a certain income or does it even matter?

  • nothing under 6 figure income (Must be Wealthy)
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  • has a good job (Must have a average income)
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  • has a job of some kind (must have a income)
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  • not a factor at all (Money doesn't matter just has to be a good person)
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  • I'm in college, and I expect every other college student to be as poor as I am. So no, right now money/job is no factor since most college students are unemployed. However, the fact that a person is going to college or trying to better themselves is important to me. I selected C because once I graduate, I would like my partner to have some kind of job (and I plan to have a job as well). The specific job doesn't matter as much because in this horrible job market, it's really hard to get a job in your career field right out of college. But I plan to work toward a career, and I would like my partner to do the same. I don't care how much money that career makes, just as long as he has that drive (i'm going to be a teacher, so I won't be making a lot of money. I would love for him to be a teacher too).


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  • As an ambitious person, while I don't need my husband/boyfriend to be rich, I'd like him to have a stable job. Mainly because I am very much a forward-thinker. I'd like us, both, to be able to afford to travel, get married or maybe have children (depending on the length of the relationship.) So knowing that we could afford to do those things is important. Having a job also gives you direction and a purpose, so I'd like to know that he is passionate about what he does. Otherwise, I truly don't mind.

  • If he is hot and not a jerk ill date him, even if he has no money, but over here in Australia all we do is just fix kangaroos, because they usually brake then we can't hop around in there pouches, and we usually have to put up heaps of eletric gates to stop people entering drop bear zone, if you have a job in one of theese u are a millionaire, I swear you are richer than Kim Kardashian


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