Intimidating girls too much?

Girls and guys tell me that I look too happy, I smile a lot, I seem too friendly & too nice. Also that my voice is too "strong"...

can any of this intimidate girls at my college? do I possibly come off as fake?


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  • It's possible that girls interpret it as coming across too strong, and we don't like that. It makes us suspicious, and we wonder what your motives are and what you are hiding. Personally, being overly animated, loud, and too... MUCH right off the bat is the best way to make me nope right off in the opposite direction. It's intimidating.

    That said, this doesn't sound like what you are doing or intending to do, and more like an unfortunate misinterpretation of how you are coming across. You might try to reign yourself in a little bit when you approach a girl, even if it feels unnatural at first. I'm not saying be fake, just tone it down a little and see where that gets you. Hope this helped.

    • Thanks a lot. it sure did. maybe this would be a better description: in clas I love to joke with everyone, I talk to everyone but when I talk to girls I like I'm quiet. I ask interesting questions about them & I listen. I never take my eyes off the girl I like when she talks or when I talk. example: I was talking to this girl in my class today and she walked all the way over to talk to me. but I don't know what impression I gave her.

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  • its easy to think of it as you forcing your enthusiasm a little. guys will think you are forcing it, girls will think you are faking it.

    • damnn... you see that's weird. cause I'm like that with everyone. Like the part that sucks is I live in superficial miami so I guess I come off as super fake. what can I do? cause I can't help being too friendly or nice.

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    • i don't use em unless i have to. and thank you too sir... I hope you um... tone the baritone down a little in future. and not gaze so much. come down to our pitch lol. oh and Amen.

    • hahahahaha will do.

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