He's growing on me... and I don't like it... FUCK!! Can a guy help me?

This guy has been chasing me for YEARS (about 7). But he's one of my best friends.
We get along really well and make each other laugh. We can talk 24/7 about anything, including who we're dating at the moment.
He's always liked me but I've always looked as him as a friend. I simply tell him to shut up if he flirts (which he always does).

Recently I've found myself really attracted to him... He's been saying stuff to turn me on and I have to catch myself... but because we've been friends for so long, I know the real him. He's a total player. I would NEVER tell him I'm secretly attracted to him though because it would fuck everything up with our friendship (or whatever it is)...

... or should I?


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  • lmao. Whatever, if he was flirting with you this entire time then you were never really his friend. You've only been a target for 7 years. You're the one trophy that he'd like to have mounted on his wall, the one that was worth all the effort, the one that he couldn't bag on the first night.

    You said it yourself... "friendship... or whatever it is". It sounds like you're thinking something is off here. Well, it's just as I explained it.

    • Geez... That's commitment. He's stuck around through THREE relationships too and played the "friend" role, although he played it badly lol... I've even partied with him and his girlfriends... So basically what you're saying is, the moment I were to hypothetically sleep with him, he would run for the hills? Victory has been made?

    • Just because you're a trophy doesn't mean he'd run for the hills. Maybe he'd stick around and give you "girlfriend" status... just like the others, but you know how that went. Maybe he'll keep you on friends with benefits status. Who knows?

      All I know is that this dude shouldn't be taken seriously, and you know that too.

    • And it's not really commitment per se. I mean, he was talking to you and still banging other girls. It wasn't too much effort if you think about it.

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  • Go for it. See what happens. Of it ruins your friendship, he was never a true friend.

    • This.. As the saying goes, "if you lend someone $20, and you never see them again, it was worth it."

  • Yes there are players and you may know him for being a player but there's always the exception. The one girl we can't cheat on and the one we'd die for, maybe its you

  • perhaps you are the lucky one he won't play with. there can always be a exception


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  • I would say go for it. IF you are sure he likes you and not just a flirt. Sometimes 'players' can flirt with their female friends because that's the way they are. If he cares for you and treats you like you're special go for it.