What's going on?

girls and guys help please

so I haven't seen this girl in a couple years because she moved away

well she moved back and we have been texting for about two weeks maybe a little more and she wants to hang out so do I we would have sooner but I was out of town anyways she stopped texting me for a couple days and for like two or three weeks she texted me everyday so I texted her and we talked like 5 mins then she didn't answer the next day the same thing happened then again the next day so I haven't texted her in a couple days now and I haven't heard from her I don't know what's going on if she still wants to hang out I don't know anything what's going on and what the hell should I do next?


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  • i say that if she is playing head games with you,then you don't really have a future


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  • She's probably just playing with you.

    • Wat exactly do you mean?

      like messing wit me trying to get me to leave her alone

      or like just trying to make me think

    • Some girls, unfortunately, are just plain mean, and like to play mind games. She might be trying to get you to chase after her.

    • Ur problyy rightt idkk thanks tho