Who should I chosse?

* keep in mind im black * weellllll there's two guys im torn between, ones black and ones white the white one always talks about either football or other things that somewhat interests me but not so much but boy he is hella fine to be whitee but the other day he started tomess with me like flirt i guess. now the black one he sometimes randomly will touch my earss, tickle mee etc,


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  • Plot twist: 3rd option- Asian guy. Pick him. He'll be rich one day as long as he isn't Cambodian or Vietnamese.

    • there's only two Asians at my high school, and i dont think so

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  • Neither. Unless you have strong feelings for just one then don't get involved with either.

    • i have strong feelings for both.

    • Then don't pick either. You shouldn't be in a relationship with someone when you have feelings for someone else.