My bf left me for another girl?

So my bf left me for anther girl. but the thing is he doesn't know who she really is. So while I and my bf were dating she started to hitting on my bf. he's gentle and nice guy I didn't care much about what she's doing cause I trusted him. Basically she lied to him about how bad I was treating her cause I thought she had crush on my bf she manipulated my bf to believe it. She cried and tell people that I said awful things to her face which I didn't she told my bf about it. She goest peeps that I hate her which I didn't! Small lies kept going on and my bf eventualy petty her and told me to let her leave he even told me that he feels like she's a poor girl cause I was bulling her :( by that time she called to me and said she's gonna steal him and told me to watch how she does it. Still my bf has no idea he said he's not interested in her at all. she's nice to me i front of other peeps but when she's only w me she ignores me and being a bitch. Such a sleezy girl. but now they are secretly dating and it making me crazy. He seemed like he's in love in her he thought she's wise and mature that she passed all the awful happens I made. Which I didn't... He's pretty at me about my behaviour he thinks i was jealousy and too protected. that girl hated me from the beginning cause most of peeps loves me and i am great at what I do at work (my bf, her are my co worker she's new to office and I am her supervisor) how can I show him who really she is.. Except him none of them likes her cause she's lazy and never do her job well. Always ask him to help her to get anything done he petty her.. Could petty become real love? I love him I want him back but I don't want to do same skim to her tho..

so lots of peeps tried to talk to him about what he sees isn't what really is happened but he doesn't want to listen peeps. He thinks I am just awful and she's a petty girl he even told one of my friend she's the nicest girl he ever met he thinks she's sweet and patient...


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  • Doesn't sound the guy is worth it seeing as he already chose to leave you for her, but that's up to you.

    "Could pity become real love?" Given time, I think so.


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  • No one ever steals someone from a relationship, that person either isn't happy and wants to leave or doesn't like how their partner handles the situation and then leaves. He wasn't taken, he chose to leave. If he really wanted to be with you and trusted you he would have believed you and stayed with you. You think he's easily manipulated but then why would you want to be with a guy who won't take your side? Seems like you're better off without him. Let the bitch have him and handle the situation with class and maturity, don't start playing games, that's ridiculous.