Ended it with a boy. Should I give it another try?

So a really good friend of mine and I did a NSA type thing for a while. It was nice and it was fun, but the sex wasn't the best and there were some personality differences that I wasn't really able to get past as much as much as I thought I would. He's self-absorbed, I guess, and a quite proud. When we were together, it seemed like constructive criticism (of anything, and I mean... anything...) was unwelcome and that turned me off a lot. I'm quite inexperienced, true, but I know what I like and a lot of what he was doing was just not it.

Of course I didn't tell him that was the case. I just said that I "didn't have a good reason," and that my feelings changed. But we remained really good friends, and there's definitely still that initial connection still lingering. Don't get me wrong, he's still proud and self-absorbed, but he's been humbler lately, and even during our short time together i can tell his value in my friendship has gone up even more from where we started. And I mean, I only have 3 male besties in this world and he's one of them. We just clicked like that. Always have. And with him, honestly, it was just easy, which is something I never had before. I never had to worry about whether or not he was "cheating" or stringing me along or playing BS dating games as the millennial generation is won't to do. He just wasn't. It's him. No ifs, ands or buts.

I don't know whether or not I miss the sex (good or bad, it was still fun and pleasurable), and that I miss him specifically, or if I'm just mad at myself that I just cut and ran at the first sign of trouble like I have a bad habit of doing. I'm wondering about whether or not to give it another shot. What do you guys think?


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  • Ok, I didn't need to read the whole thing. Its simple and overthinking doesn't keep it simple.
    The answer itself is in the question. Should you give him ANOTHER shot? Allow me to be blunt, if he's your ex, he's your ex for A reason... In this case, he's your ex for MULTIPLE reasons... Those reasons will be overly critiqued IF you choose to date him again... Eventually being the same reasons why you broke up the first time. If the carnival ride wasn't THAT great the first time, then a little cleanup and spit shine really isn't gonna make the ride better, it just LOOKS better...

    Leave this one be girl


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  • I would , ask your self," what is driving me to get back with him? Am I repeating a cycle? ". Does it feel right? If your gut says no than don't.

  • No harm in doing so.


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