I'm scared he'll get over me (LDR)?

I have gone overseas for a few months, leaving the guy I was seeing behind at home.

Last week he was super cute, saying he missed me a lot & things but then he went back to normal & It confuses me.

He talks to me everyday, but usually because I talk first.
We have been trying to Skype for a few days but haven't been able to find the time.
He still puts x'x & hearts on messages which I know he doesn't do when he doesn't want to.

Regardless of all those things I am scared he is getting over me but I really want to be together when I'm back


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  • wow this is a tough one. I've actually gone through this before. my girlfriend had to go like 7 states away to live with her grandma for like 4 months. I didn't get over her I still was her boyfriend when she got back home... but to be honest, I watched a LOT of p*rn

    • Well I don't mind if he does that.
      He just went through a period of a few days where he was super affectionate & wanted to talk all the time but now he isn't like that. He still adds x's & things but I'm thinking maybe I'm just talking to him too much.

    • if you feel you're talking to him too much give him some space but not too much space or he'll think that you've gotten over him

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