She says she is not ready for a relationship, should I wait?

I had feelings for this girl a few years ago. However she had a boyfriend at the time. She has however been single for 7 months and recently added me as a friend on Facebook. So I sent her a message. We have been talking a lot recently and I finally asked her out.

Her answer was that she is not ready for a relationship with anybody at the moment. At first I took this as she wasn't interested and that she was being nice just to spare my feelings. However since then she has been texting me, told me she thinks I'm cute and we have been getting on just fine.

Do I wait untill she is ready, or just try and move on? If I have to wait months for her I will. Do I keep sending her messages. I mean I don't want to bother too much that she thinks I am a stalker. I really like this girl. So if there is a slight chance it could happen. I don't want to give up. How long do I wait before I ask her out again?

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  • If shed bothering to talk to you... She has some interest. She may be too scared right now to take it forward. Give it some time.. but continue to be her friend. I would just talk. Give it a month and then flirt. See if she flirts back... Etc...


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  • Some people do not transition very well from relationships and they may need time. It does depend on you and if you think she is worth waiting for. You also gotta realise that she may not fall for you in the same way and all that waiting may just be a gamble. I think that if you truly like her, give her some time, maybe a month and a half. You will be able to gauge if she is interested or not. Take it slow and see what happens from there. Give it a try, what do you have to lose?

    Good luck and I hope things work out favourably!