Do you agree or disagree with this?

When you are getting to know a person they are going to tell you about their interest in passions just as you are going to them about yours.
Sometimes people are not interested in the same thing and people can often be insecure about their passions because they think others will find them boring or dumb...
So what is important is to learn to appreciate and value the others passions because it is who that person is.

If you care about someone, do you agree that you are supposed to encourage them in their passions or interests even if it is not something you find interesting or agree with (like a religion)?

(As long as they are not being immoral or harming themselves.)

  • Yes, appreciate them and don't shut them down
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  • No, tell them how you feel and never talk about their passions again
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  • Absolutely. If you're going to be friends or in a relationship, you need to accept that their hobbies, interests and passions are part of who they are. You don't have to participate if you really don't want to, but you need to accept them.


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What Guys Said 2

  • like religion? no I would leave religion out of it until it becomes really serious. and just continue with all of the general things.

    • My friend that I've told you about right? I will talk to him about something that are happening in my life with my faith and he will say something like, "That sounds terrible." when I mention that this morning I was leading prayer room and explained what it is.

      He doesn't have a faith... For some reason I feel like he mocks mine.

    • He said the concept of the prayer time sounds terrible. Not that I had to lead it.

      idk. it irritated me.

    • which friend again? and there's always gonna be people who mock you if they don't believe. some actually have the decency to show respect and keep it to themselves. but nobody's perfect right. I may have misinterpreted your question.

  • I don't divulge most of who I am when I'm getting to know someone. It's something they discover through time if they are patient enough. I'm complicated and continuously surprise people that have been close to me for years. So no I do not agree that people share their interests and passions openly. I'm also not insecure about my interests and passions, I just don't get into it because it's not relevant to the moment and I'm not a narcissist even though some people on GaG would argue to the contrary.

    • I readily accept that people have different interests, even though many times I have some overlapping common interests with most people. I'm interested in and well versed in many areas.

What Girls Said 1

  • I agree. I have friends with all different beliefs and passions. I dont necessarily agree with all they believe in but I don't knock it down or belittle how much they care about that in any way. I ask questions and encourage them about their beliefs or interests because I care about them. My friends do the same.