What is it that happend? im still confused by this?

I met a guy while clubbing and i wasn't really impressed by him but he asked for my number. He texted me like crazy for days and i simply replied. He asked me out and he took me pooling (i sucked btw) it was kinda late and al tho its my fault i went back to his place instead of going home, he said he would bring me home if i wanted too, he didn't force me or anything but we started making out because i was nervous and i felt pressured. I gave him the wrong impression... im a virgin, I've never done anything with a guy. We didn't had sex, but we slept in his bed and i didn't had much clothes anymore... anyhow two days later he wanted to see me again i said yes, and we went to his place and talked and we started to make out again and he wanted to have sex with me and started to (he was really passive btw) pull his pants down and i was shocked and walked away , i literally almost cried, he didn't understand why and was upset and said sorry after a while... next morning he didn't seem to like me anymore that much because he set up a date with another girl, but he really didn't wanted to go and wanted to hangout with me instead, i left and went home, after that he texted me and i attacked him saying he abused me and knew i was vulnerable, he got PISSED and we had a fight after... i felt guilty a few days later and said sorry i shouldn't have attacked him and took responsibility. He wanted to me meet up again , he said he was dissappointed why i acted like that (it turned him off)... we got into many text fights again and after weeks of chasing me he gave up because i had ''mood'' swings in his eyes and he never wanted me anyways... he ''used'''me , i didn't had sex with him and never did any sexual favors for him, he did to me but i did not returned the favor, i blocked his number and said that he should never contact me again. Who was in the wrong me or him?


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  • He didn't use you at all. He was expressing normal sexuality. How is he to know you are a virgin and didn't want sex unless you told him. IF you did tell him, then you don't indicate it in your story.

    • i told him he didn't believed me

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