Why do guys tell the girls they like or are with when other girls think they are hot?

Are they just excited and want to tell them or do they actually want to make them jealous? My guy sent me a shot from yikyak where girls are talking about how hot he is. Why would he do this?


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  • he's showin off. not the real subtle type is he hahaa.

    • No but I'm jealous. Could this be retaliation for me telling him I got asked out?

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    • Gah. I don't understand his haha

    • just take it for what it may be, he fought fire with fire, or he's just doing it just because. either way, you have the power here, remember that.

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  • He's implying possibilities elsewhere and threatening your position. This kind of manipulation only destabilizes a relationship and often backfires spectacularly. Fucking idiot.

    • So he's not interested and I should think he's looking elsewhere?

    • I don't think he's as committed as he should be. He's probably interested but I don't think he respects you enough to care about you in a way that makes the relationship worthwhile from your point of view. "look all these girls think I'm hot so I could leave you if I wanted, I'm too good for you".

      He's an aching bellend who doesn't deserve a girlfriend.

    • It's also likely he want's you to think he's too good for you in order to hammer your self esteem, this gives him more control.

  • He wants you to know he has value in the dating world - so you will want him more, and treat him like he has value.

    • does that reflect on how he feels about me in anyway? Like because people are saying this would be be less interested in me? or did he tell me so I would take notice and be interested?

    • If anything I'd say he wants you to be pleased. You have a catch. Something other women think is desirable. But he's yours.

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