Why did he keep mentioning a 3rd date and then disappear =(?

I went on a 2nd date w/this guy I met online, and it went pretty well (or so I thought). At the end he gave me a pretty long kiss, and a couple days later he texted "sorry if I made you uncomfortable by kissing you, it just that I like you & think you're really pretty." I reassured him it was ok and that I liked it too. He said, "in that case looks like we'll have to go out again so I can kiss you again =)." I texted him back that I was looking forward to it, but he never responded. I waited 12 hrs, then texted again asking how his day was going.. it's been 2 days since then and still no response? However I see that he's logged into the dating site just a few hrs ago.. I feel pretty hurt/confused. Why would he say he likes me and then disappear into thin air? Should I just assume he's gone for good?


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  • He's contacting lots of girls on the dating siet, and is keeing you as an option of others don't pan out for him.
    Sorry to be so direct, but it seems clear he's just playing the dating game and isn't serious about his feelings for you.

    • So literally 5 min after I posted question he texted saying "Hurry and finish your projects so we can hang out this week! =D" (I'm in school right now). Now I'm really confused.. should I just ignore him?

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    • No problem. I won't say how I found out, but I did eventually find out that you were right..

    • Wow, could you tell me how in a private message? Not often I'm THAT right on!

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  • I think you should be thinking that he's blown it. Fuck people that treat you like that. Flake ass mo fo's!


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