Why would he ask me to move in with him?

I have been dating this man for about 3 months and he has already asked me to get a place with him. We spend lots of time together and we enjoy each others company. I just feel that this is moving a little fast. I'm not understanding fully why he is in such a rush. He says its because he misses me when I'm away (which may be true) but that doesn't mean you rush into living together. He also is talking about wanting a baby (right away), that he wants to start building a family. There has been talk of yes he wants to get married but he wants to be able to propose to me with a ring and have a real wedding not go to the justice of the peace, which I can agree with. So why if he's not ready to go through a wedding is he asking for all the things that are supposed to come after it?


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  • Fudge him, marriage first - baby latter.


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