We broke up..met and were kissing etc...he hasn't texted since..do I text him or move on?

Ok so we broke up over trust issues on his part, he said he couldn't trust me even though I gave him no real reason not to...silly little things like saying I did do something so not to cause an argument when I did do it, Like going to the cinema with a friend instead of him. Stupid things.

But anyway I broke up with him because his trust issues were effecting us. At the start of the relationship for the first 3 or so month it was amazing I had never felt so loved by one person in my life, knew he would do anything for me. But he started getting jealous of me going out with my mates...always asking when id be finished so I could go see him or whatever So I broke it off after 6 amazing months. I still love him so much and I texted him telling him I missed him one night out the blue and he texted back saying he missed me to and was glad I texted him. So we met up...ad slept together :( ..big mistake it just made me miss him even more...so after a few weeks I returned from a holiday and met him again to talk things over. He came out with all this stuff how he didn't want a 24/7 relationship seeing me and txting me every min of the day...I'm like wasn't it YOU who wanted that in the first place! his reply was well its taken its tole... so I was like that's fine with me I don't want that either but I won't be your part time girlfriend or booty call he said I wouldn't be that he wouldn't disrespect me like that. ... So we kissed cuddled etc etc and a the " Whole again" came on the radio and he smiled and nodded towards the radio and kissed me, I asked him what was happening with us then and he said Well keep seeing each other take things a bit slower this time ( first time round everything moved really fast ) I agreed. That was over a week ago...and since then I've heard nothing from him..1 text during the week asking if I was OK I replied and asked him if he was...got no reply.then drunkenly one night I sent him a long text saying I still loved him and missed him and even if he didn't feel that way now that I just wanted him to know that ...( was sitting feeling lonely and was reading texts he had sent me months ago...all of which ended I love you so much baby forever which just made me feel even more sorry for my self) ...he didn't reply and hasn't texted me again since before that...what do I do...Do I take it he don't want to be with me anymore and move on...or do you think he is waiting for me to text him?...I know he misses me cause I asked if he did and he was like "Course I miss you I think about you constantly...but things need to change" So I really don't know what to do :(. Help! ..

Update...Ive moved on...seeing other people now and he's all texting me Instead of me texting him :P so the balls in my court now...and I'm like whatever dude..get over me haha :D life is good now thanks for all your help you guys are awesome! x


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  • If he said to make it take time, just go with it. I know you miss him, but the only way to prove that he misses you is to give him space. That's what he wanted. I think he is acting this way to 'test' out if he can trust you since you broke up with him. That's what I did with my ex but we never got back. Anyway, I would act very 'cold' with my ex on text... wouldn't reply some times only because he broke my heart by breaking up with me. Maybe he is doing the same tactic and seeing if you really do love/miss him and would do the 'dirty' work. The only thing is you asked him to come back right? Well if you did, and he said nothing, I would not entirely wait for him. He has to show that he cares too if he wants to work things out. You need to have a face to face talk if you want to get this through that him not talking to you is hurting you. Don't seem desperate because he will take that to his advantage as people are a bit nasty in the head after you have hurt him (by breaking up with him and whatever his issues were). Hang in there! If he loves you enough, he will show you. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

    • Maybe your right...Im just scared he's being a stubborn male and that's why he's not txting me...like no she dumped me let her run after me...but I alreay have ran after him for the last 2 weeks....and nothing really seemed to change...a massive part of me wants to txt him...the other end is like NO DONT.

    • But you really want to make it work out again? If you really want to get back together and accept his jealousy and all and change a bit for him so that you guys can get along, I say call him up. Calling is better than texting. Go on a date. I do think he may want you to do the 'dirty' work as I wanted my ex to because in the beginning when he broke up with me, I was texting calling... I gave up. After he realize I seemed like idc, he did call/text/hang out with me. It showed a lot that he cared.

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  • why would he wait for you to text him? you already texted him a couple of times and he didn't reply. maybe it's his way of taking it slower. or does he have a prepaid card on his cellphone with no credits left on it? it could be a lot of things which could've happened why he doesn't write back. I wouldn't text him again now. either wait for him to text you back, or if you're really wondering what's going on and can't wait you could call his home phone or even go to his house uninvited.

    just don't overdo it, since he said that he didn't want a 24/7 relationship (even though it was his idea before you guys broke up).

    so my answer is: wait and don't move a muscle:), or get him to talk to you so he can give you answers. just look out that you don't annoy him with too much pressure.

    • He replied to most txts the only one he didn't reply to was the one I sent drunkenly...He maybe didn't reply because we had broke up and he wasn't going to tell me he loved me then.

      Idk ...thanks for your help :) x

  • Girl can I text you and say ' Oh dear I miss you' Talk about full service. Wow.

    You broke it off because of trust issues? Do you think it's going to get better.. Your a 'Booty Call' now! Sorry to be harsh girl but you need to leave him alone and don't text him.

    • Even though your being blunt...your so right dude. ...but anyway this all happened like a month ago..ive moved on and got a new dude now no more ...And now..its me doing the booty callin ;) and guess whos been txting me with the "Hey how are you I miss you" ...haha love it! x

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  • Honey, he wanted to recapture a little of that comfortable "physical" time - I could of told you in the first 20 words that he would bolt and not call again...until, he is bored or drunk or whatever. You can never go back and say oh start over, or do it different. bullcrap. You already established your relationship you can't then naturally change it..and if you have to concentrate on what to say or not say when...then its fake.

    Girl no more boo hoo texting...I do the same damn thing. Then the next day I realize I said too much, good or bad and pushed the wrong buttons and their gone. I think mine is more self destruction to prevent getting hurt.

    But anyway you look at it men use the guise of emotion just to get sex. And YOU used sex to recapture love!

  • i think he has change. it's gonna be hard that he will treat you like b4. there was once a guy told me that once the guy changed even thought he said that he will be better later.it never will. it only become worse and worse.

    i know it's hard. but I think the best way is to pick up ur dignity and move on. he will come back if he really love u. and if you keep running after him and finally got him back. you would feel tired and feel unhappy slowly he will dump you again. it's like a pattern that happen again and again to this kind of situation. I'd been through I know it true and I know how's that feel...

    good luck girl... no matter what ur dicision would be.. I like to hear that you are happy with it ^w^

    • Very true...its the hardest thing to do is to move on :( so hard when I love him still so much...thanks for your comment :)