How to initiate physical contact?

I've been talking to this girl for about 3 months now, and we haven't kissed or even hugged yet. We did hold hands for a little bit when we were playing around on the floor one time, but that's about it.

I'm a pretty shy guy, and she is at least 10x more shy than I am, so neither of us have initiated any sort of physical contact yet. I really like her, and I feel like I'm going to be the one to have to initiate it, but I'm not exactly sure how since I don't wanna come across too aggressive. Plus, I feel like all of a sudden after 3 months of us keeping our hands to ourselves, a hug/kiss would be a bit out of no where.

Also, I was planning on asking her to officially be my girlfriend this weekend. Is it normal to start officially dating someone when you haven't kissed yet?


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  • Try holding hands with her, maybe a side hug if you can manage it. It's a good thing that you don't want her to feel uncomfortable. Start off with hand holding in public, ask her if its ok with her. Start slowly and build up the tolerance for physical contact. You could also try talking to her, that would most likely help.

    Good luck


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  • Be very careful though because she might get creeped out. Maybe say most of your tension is in your thighs and start rubbing them then look into her eyes and hopefully if she is looking in your eyes to then kiss her!

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