Ex-Boyfriends that always try to turn things around or previous dates?

I feel as though I am a great person and would make a wonderful wife one day but sheesh. Why is it so hard to keep a relationship? I can be dating a man for weeks, months or years and either he cheats on me or just stops talking to me. Then a few months to a year later, he comes back around apologizing for doing me wrong and wanting to be with me because what they say, "I made a mistake letting you go"...

And here I sit, on the brink of a new relationship and wanting it to work. I sure hope the same thing doesn't happen in this one...

So guys what is the deal? What are the main reasons you cheat on a girl or just stop contacting her? Have you ever went back to someone? Why?


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  • never been like that for me. Im afraid im in your shoes on this one. all my ex's have either cheated, or just flat out finished it out of the blue.

    I would have more respect for my partner than to cheat or just stop seeing her. if it isn't working, then tell her. Sorry, doesn't answer your question, but I know how you feel.


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