How women attract men?

What are some things you do personally to attract men to you or the guy your attracted too?

Please share all your secrets!

The poll is just for laughs.

  • Show some boob!
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  • Wear skin tight bootie jeans.
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  • Wear those fake whore lashes, and throw on some hoochy lipstick.
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  • Wear a push up bra with a low cut top.
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  • Walk up to him and grab his cauch!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Riding through the town on a monocycle while wearing a Batman suit and going NANANANANANANANANANANANA BATMAAAAN at the top of my lungs repeatedly, spilling wasabi-flavoured peanuts on the road in the meantime.

    I'm surprised you didn't include that as an option. Gets me all the dicks every time.


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What Girls Said 5

  • You may think a girls clothes are too tight or that she looks like a whore but she obviously doesn't think that so she would not be able to vote. No girl is like "I want to look like a whore today so that i can attract men". Even prostitutes dont even say that. In their heads they are just trying to look nice. And what one person may thinks looks nice, another person may think it looks tacky or whoreish.

    Also most of the time women do not dress to attract men unless they are prostitutes. a lot of women just like to look nice whether a man is a round or not.

  • Smile.

    Lol I smile. Why wasn't smile an option.

  • Smile? I don't know

    • And you still commented! Man your brave. Haha! kidding thanks for your comment

  • your options are only for hooker type girls.


    Just needed to get that out there. I hate guys that think "oh she's wearing a low cut shirt she must want to get hit on" umm.. no. I wore that shirt because I liked it. I didn't even know you existed before today get over yourself.

    I know you're probably not like that, but some guys think like that and it's the stupidest thing ever.

    If I want a guy's attention I don't have to wear anything special. He's gonna look anyway. Doesn't matter.

    If I want to attract a guy I show him interest. Seriously, you show a guy the slightest little hint of interest and he'll be all over you. Tell a guy you think he's cute and he'll do the rest you can just sit back after that

    • Mrs. Anonymous I agree with you fully but that poll is just for laughs.

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    • @AshleyMD I like feeling sexy too, but when I do it it's for me because I like looking in the mirror and saying "damn girl!" not for the compliments. I personally feel more like guys are complimenting me just to get lucky when I am dressed up vs when I'm not, but to each their own

    • @asker When I'm actually into a guy use mind and body, if I just use my mind then I'm pursuing him as a friend and if I'm just using my body then I'm looking for a good time.

What Guys Said 1

  • They just show up. Thats it.