I was going to cook him dinner this weekend but... ? Advice? Opinions?

I am considering letting him make the plans this weekend if he chooses to do so. Usually we always make plans together. I kind of want him to initiate something though...
I will likely get sad if he doesn't but I would like to see if he does lol.

bad idea? I want a chase again.


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  • Lol that doesn't make any sense. Why not save yourself the disappointment of seeing if he makes plans or not and just make them yourself. You want to anyways so why not? Oh, then I read the last line "I want a chase game"... aren't we too old for games?

    • It just feels like he is too comfortable. He doesn't text me anymore like he used too. He doesn't get excited to see me anymore... I feel like an old married couple after only three months. I don't like suggesting plans or calling first. I feel like he should court me to some extent or at least make me feel wanted for goodness sake lol.

      I am 80% sure he will make plans with me... so I just want to see and be asked out on a date.

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    • Unfortunately. lol I just found out the sand sculpture competition and chalk festival are this weekend. Now I am not sure if I should wait because i definitely want to do these things lol. But yes, I am always available and I always initiate.

    • Well I think that's the issue. Don't be so available for him. He isn't working hard because he doesn't really have to. If and when he wants to talk, he will. Stay busy and don't contact him. He'll come around.

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