To be with someone similar or opposite?

I'm deeply attracted to a man who has similar values to me.
I was attracted to him because of his passion and lives life to the fullest.
He's not exactly me since he has his own sense of humor which I don't own. But his core values align with mine and I don't know why I feel like this this towards him!

Then there's my best friend. He's the total opposite of me, calm, easygoing, but still friendly. I did like him for a little while but we connect in a different way. It's funny because we can talk about anything and everything one moment, then stand silently not knowing what to say next.
I cherish him as a friend but I feel more attracted to my other friend.

The thing is, he is 11 years older than me.
I've tried denying my feelings towards him but I can't help but be drawn to him. :( Would it be better to be with someone who is like you or someone who is completely different?


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  • Opposites attract but usually don't work for the long term. I don't see a problem with age


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  • I've met this really cool girl @Arab_Cutie1033 . She's is more than identical to my behavior. I love her sarcasm and her down to earth attitude. At first I was debating if it would be a good choice to date someone like me but I met her today and YES!!! Do date someone like you. I say that because when you choose a partner you want someone who you can be yourself with and be able to understand. Don't ever go for the opposite.


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